Fly On The Wall: Low T Edition

Welcome to a Fly on the Wall group post. Today 9 bloggers are inviting you to catch a glimpse of what you’d see if you were a fly on the wall in our homes. Come on in and buzz around my house.

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My life seems filled with testosterone and nuts these days.  Two of my daughters have moved out, the third never home anymore and moving out soon.  All my conversations with man-child and my husband pretty much go like this now:

Me:  “Man-child, clean your room please.”

Man-child:  “Deez nuts ‘Merica”

Me:  …

Husband:  “Oh, I forgot to tell you I have a meeting after church.”

He tells me this…after church when we are about to leave.

Me:  “Seriously? You keep a calendar, why do you never know what’s in it?”

Husband:  “It’s low T babe.”

Low T?  My ass.  My husband could be accused of many things, low T is NOT one of them.

No matter what I ask, those are the two main responses I receive lately.  It’s enough to drive me to drink.  Men.

I don’t know how many times we get in the car, start driving down the road and the car is dinging like crazy because my husband has failed to put on his seat belt.  I put mine on before I even start the car, I don’t know why this has to be an issue with him EVERY TIME WE GET IN THE CAR.  He’ll put it on, weaving all over the road about a block from the house. I’ve told him that most accidents happen close to home.

He blames low T.

Husband:  “Well think of the life insurance you’ll get.”


Me:  “No, that’s not how this would work. You’d still be alive but in a vegetative state and I’d get nothing but the burden of caring for you.”

Husband:  “WOW. Just WOW.”

Me:  “Yeah my response is the problem here… PUT YOUR SEAT BELT ON!”

My son spends an inordinate amount of time watching YouTube videos or Vine.  He comes away with these nuggets of awesome.

Man-child:  “She showers with Pantene, but I’ve got watermelon (pronounced watermelone) to keep me clean.”

Man-child:  “He struggles to get the ladies, but dating’s a breeze with my watermelone Mercedes.”

Man-child:  “He struggles to lift the weights, but I’ve got watermelone to keep me in shape.”

Man-child:  “He tosses and turns to the sound of thunder, but I’ve watermelone to soothe my slumber.”

Man-child texting me at the end of the school day:

Man-child: “I might be late.”  He walks home every day.

Me:  “ok, why?”

Man-child:  “I have to find my phone.”

Me:  “But you’re texting me on it?”

Man-child:  “I lost it.”

Me:  “I’m confused.”

Man-child:  “I found it.”

Me:  “I see that, so why are you going to be late?”

No response.  Sigh.  I share the texts with my husband.

His response:  “Low T.”

Sleep with one eye open honey.

My sister sent me this in response to my blog about Personal Space Invaders.  I think this is genius and I must have one!



When asked to pick one word to describe himself, man-child said:



Snapchat fun – my son would make a pretty girl:


and I don’t even know…


I showed these to my husband and his response…


“LOW T.”

You guessed it.

I’m about to show him what low T really means…

Now feel free to buzz around some other homes this morning ❤

Spatulas On Parade

7 thoughts on “Fly On The Wall: Low T Edition

  1. Your post has made me super thankful I live in an oestrogen filled house right now. I don’t think I could cope with the Low T comments. And I love the watermelone videos, I watch them whenever I need a good giggle, and my sisters and I quote them all the time.

  2. You should kick him in the Low(er) T(esticles) if he keeps it up.

    Your teenager changes watermelon into watermelone too? WTF. It drives me nuts… and not deez nuts, in case Man-Child was wondering. 😉

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