Hey! I’m An Epistolarian! Did you know?

There is this amazing collaborative blog, spearheaded by the fabulous Tracy at Momaical, called The Epistolarians which you can find here.  The women that contribute to this collaborative masterpiece are amazeballs.  They are hysterical, intelligent, sassy and spirited, and they let me tag along!  I’m not trying to be falsely modest or dig for compliments, I truly am humbled to be a part of this amazing group of women, and I admire each and every one of them so much.  They are amazing writers and I never have more fun than when I’m trolling among them.  When Tracy told me that January would be “open-letter” month, I almost peed my pants.  Another opportunity to fan worship Adam Levine????  Say it isn’t so!  This is also my first contribution as I’ve been a little intimidated, but now that I’ve broken my proverbial cherry, I hope I can be inspired to contribute more and rub elbows with these talented ladies.  I hope you enjoy my contribution this month. 


I probably need like an intervention or something. 

On a sidenote, I’m taking the hubs out tonight to see Les Mis!  I’m excited.  He’d probably rather sit at home and read my “Open Letter to Adam Levine”, but I promised beer, so he’s going. 

On yet another sidenote, I finished a book this morning.  You can find out what I read, what I thought and what I’m reading next under “My Brain On Books 2013”.

Even if I’m not your cup of tea, you have to check out The Epistolarians!  You won’t be sorry!


6 thoughts on “Hey! I’m An Epistolarian! Did you know?

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