I Am _________, Who Are You?

I missed posting yesterday.  I think I will be forgiven because I was busy attending marching band contests for my kids from 6:30am to 11:00pm.  The rules to my challenge state that I can post twice in one day if I miss a day, so no big deal.  Wait!  What?  OMG, two posts in one day.  I’ll have to save it for something really good.  I mean it’s October, the month of Halloween and Homecoming, and I have crazy kids.  Surely something twice-blog worthy will happen.  Right?  Right.  Okay then.  Moving on.  I was sitting on the toilet… (seriously, how many great stories have started with that sentence!) and I looked up and saw my nutcrackers. I love my Halloween nutcrackers.  How can you not love anything called a “nutcracker”?

And as I was gazing adoringly on these nutcrackers, I realized they kinda represented how I feel about myself today.  Like a cross between a blood-sucking vampire killer and Skeletor, the Grim Reaper.  Obviously, I am very self-deprecating.  I’m quick to put myself down, or take one for the humor team.  It’s mostly a defense mechanism.  I mean if I make fun of myself then no one else will beat me to it, right?  It’s also true that I have the ability to laugh at myself and the stupid crap I do or say.  I’ll break out the self-deprecation when I’m feeling nervous or uncomfortable.  And there is probably a part of me that uses humor to keep people at an emotional distance.  I love this line from the new movie, “Pitch Perfect” –

Aubrey:  “What’s your name?”

Fat Amy:  “Fat Amy”

Aubrey:  “You call yourself Fat Amy?”

Aubrey:  “Yes, so twig b*tches like you don’t do it behind my back.”

This week the truly awesome and inspirational blogger You Know It Happens At Your House Too posted a blog called I am ______, Who are you?  The idea is to set a timer for 5 minutes.  Break out any apparatus you have handy: paper, iPhone or computer and write indiscriminately using the above prompt, I am _____.  Do not edit, change or even proofread it.  Save it when you are done.  These 5 minutes belong to you.  It’s 5 minutes of your life when you get to celebrate being you.  You don’t have to share this list with anyone, but keep it and when you are feeling blue or down on yourself, break it out as a reminder of how awesome and special you truly are!  If I can do this, Queen of Self-Deprecation and Ruler of DownOnMyself Land, then anyone can do it.  I need this crash course in what I like about myself, and maybe so do you.  So do it!  Then feel free keep it to yourself, share it with me, share it with my inspiration behind this idea, YKIHAYHT.

Ok, here goes!

I am funny.  Not always on purpose, but sometimes some really humorous stuff comes flying out of mouth or in my writing!

I am a good mother.  I love my 4 children with all of my heart, and I know that even when I screw up, they believe with all of their hearts that they are loved and adored by me.

I am a Googler Extraordinaire.  Seriously, I can find anything on Google.  ANYTHING.  It’s my superpower.

I am strong.  Life has taught me recently that I can overcome anything.  I am strong.  Because it bears repeating.

I am smart.  Whatever I don’t know, I can google.  🙂

I am a good daughter.  This one is hard to write, because I’ve been made to feel it isn’t true, but writing it down makes me sit up a little straighter because it’s true.  I’m not perfect, and I’ve made mistakes, and I dwell in the land of insecurity and doubt about my ability to be loved, but as I sit here I choose to believe that I am worth it.  I’m worth loving, despite being flawed and imperfect.  I deserve better.

I am a good wife.  I support my husband, and I would do anything for him.

I am silly.  I love to laugh.

I am fierce.  Most times I am a lover not a fighter, but hurt someone I love and it’s on like Donkey Kong!

Oops, I ran out of time.  That was both harder and easier than I thought it would be.  I feel embarrassed to share it, but I will.

Make your own list.  Male or female.  We all deserve at least 5 minutes to ourselves.  Celebrate being you.  I just did, and it feels great!

When you finish, check out Craughing and The Self Worth Action Project.  It’s amazing!

12 thoughts on “I Am _________, Who Are You?

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  2. This is such a great prompt. I did it a while back too and it really is great to get it all on paper. I can so identify with you on the part about being a good daughter, but I won’t go there. Love you lady! You are awesome!

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