Birthday Party Burglar!

Once upon a time, according to the lore

In a place not far from here

There lived a little girl

Who lived in fear

A birthday party, she was once invited

Presents she did steal

Her mother made her give them back

Apparently, stealing gifts is a big deal!

Now, friends she has no more.


Another great ‘Ketchup With Us’ prompt (the 3rd to be exact!) from According to Mags and Old Dog New Tits.  I got to tell you in 57 words or less about my days as a shifty, sticky fingered adolescent!  Yep, I got invited to a birthday party, and stole the presents.  Made me not so popular in the K-5th grade crowd, as you can imagine.

Go ahead!  You know you want to!  Spill your guts!  It’s Halloween month, let those skeletons out!  You’ll feel better…  I promise.  Tell the world about that one time your hand got caught in the cookie jar!  I’ll also share the Man-Child’s funniest “busted” moment!

Yes, I get to humiliate myself and complete Day 2 in my 31 day Ultimate Blog Challenge.

14 thoughts on “Birthday Party Burglar!

  1. Oh my goodness. That must have been the ultimate walk of shame, indeed. But the picture of your man-child is hilarious. The “Who? Me?” look is PRICELESS!

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