Happy 274th Day of the Year – Let’s Rock this Party!

Today begins my 31 day Blogging Challenge from the Ultimate Blog Challenge.  The challenge should I choose to accept it (and I have) is to blog every day for 31 days (in case the title was in any way ambiguous).  There are a few rules.  My posts have to be G or PG rated, so I guess this rules out discussing “doing the laundry” with Adam Levine (wink, wink).  I hope you know what I mean by “laundry” because if I have to explain it then my blog is no longer G or PG rated.

There are no blogging police, which I’m kinda sad about because I do like a man in uniform.  I mean he has to be hot.  Not that unattractive policemen aren’t valuable.  And of course, I’m not discounting police”women”.  Oh my goodness, this isn’t going at all the way I want it.  Political correctness is just not my bag.  I like hot guys.  Period.  Who doesn’t like eye candy?  If that makes me insensitive then so be it!  Besides, eye candy is not what I’m blogging about today!  Actually, the prompt suggestion for today is “Holiday”, hence the music video above.  Although, International Eye Candy Day has a nice ring to it.

In a fun twist, it turns out that today is the International Day for the Elderly!  This wonderful, unappreciated and little known holiday began in 1998 by the United Nations.  Despite it’s name, it’s quite a baby as far as holiday’s go.  I took some of our Senior’s to the grocery store today.  It’s not in my typical repertoire of responsibilities, but I was filling in for someone.  I announced this wondrous holiday before we took off, and I was assaulted with a cacophony of cackles and complaints!

“We’re not elderly”

“You sayin’ we’re old people?!”

“I don’t think I’m elderly!”

“Define elderly person?!”

I guess 85 is the new 40?  What the heck.  I didn’t say they had to celebrate it, just announcing it was a thing!  It’s also National Postcard Day, and I’m not saying you have to go buy and send one!  It was suggested that I research the ages applicable to such a holiday before making an announcement.  This is why I hate small talk!  I am officially boycotting this holiday, so don’t invite me to your elderly potluck or human rights for older person marches.  Technically, are they marches if everyone attending is in a scooter or walker?  I know better than to ask this crowd.

On a serious note, I do strongly believe that our Senior Citizens are highly devalued in our society today.  If you could see the hoops they have to jump through (or wheel through) just to vote…it’s ridiculous.  They are a population of people often ignored and sometimes forgotten.  Senior Citizens make up 13 percent of the total population.  As more and more Baby Boomers turn 65, these statistics are expected to rise.  If you see an elderly person today, be kind.  Whatever you do, don’t suggest they are in any way elderly or tell them it’s their holiday!  You might get whacked with a cane.

In case you didn’t know, it’s also World Vegetarian Day!  If you are a carnivore, like myself, this day will pass like any other.  I might give the holiday a little nudge by eating more fruits and veggies today.  By more fruits and veggies, I mean guacamole and margaritas with lime no salt.  I’ll use veggie chips for dipping.

I work for a Catholic corporation, so I know there is a whole host of Special Saints and Blessed Saints to honor today.  I’ll give a shout out to Caspar Fisogiro, a martyr of Japan.  He was apparently arrested for befriended another future Saint and put to death in Nagasaki in 1617.  He was beatified in 1867.  Go forth and educate.

Today is the anniversary of Yosemite National Park (which I need to add to my bucket list of places to visit).  The first baseball World Series began on this day in 1903.  The Pittsburgh Pirates lost to the Boston Americans (or Red Sox as they are now known) five games to three.  Walt Disney World opened its gates publicly on this day in 1971!  My birth year!  Yay!

Today is the Celebration of Fides – Goddess of Faithfulness!  Which I’m feeling a little awkward about considering all of the Adam Levine “laundry” talk I’ve been doing lately.

I’m not sure I should be working on Fairies Flattering Finals Holiday.   It seems a bit sacrilegious to be productive on such a day.  This reminds me that man-child found his baby teeth.  The ones the “tooth fairy” picked up.  He didn’t seem fazed.  In fact, he tried to pass them off as new teeth lost.  My future little venture capitalist!

There are a TON of Feasts today.  Now here is a series of holiday celebrations I can get behind!  Anything with the word “feast” in it has to be excellent.  This box of Wintergreen Tic Tacs I just consumed is not cutting it.  I need real food.  And now.

Raccoon’s Unite!  If you see a raccoon gathering near your trash bins, do not be alarmed!  Today is International Raccoon Appreciation Day.  Throw some wilted lettuce or an apple in the garbage today.  Appreciate future roadkill.

In celebration of International Music Day, watch the video.  That is all.

Today is Less Than Perfect Day, which is like everyday in my world.  In fact, if you look it up, my picture is probably posted beside it.  Honor me people.  With Feasts!  And booze!

Put the salt down!  It’s No Salt Week, which is great for celebrating International Day of the Elderly, because they shouldn’t have salt.  But they can have pudding in honor of Pudding Season!  Just not figgy pudding, because that sounds disgusting.

Since it is also National Book-It Day, I prescribe you pick a holiday and live it up!

Carpe Diem!

Might I suggest feasting on salt-less pudding while making a toast to the elderly and rockin’ the Caspar (do you see what I did there?) with the music blasting and invite the neighborhood raccoons!

Day 1 – COMPLETE!  Success or failure?  Wait, it’s Less Than Perfect Day so I don’t care!

Can I get a woot!

Send me a postcard!

8 thoughts on “Happy 274th Day of the Year – Let’s Rock this Party!

  1. Good Lord!! It’s a zombie apocalypse of holidays!! WTH?!!
    On a more serious note, loved your take on seniors jumping through hoops…you’re right and it’s a shame we don’t do more for them…if they would let us!!
    On a lighter note, what EXACTLY did you have in mind when you say ‘laundry’?!! 😀

    • lol…November 1st, I’ll post about “laundry with Adam Levine”, maybe he’ll be following me on Twitter by then! Thanks for always commenting and reading my drivel. I so appreciate it! Thank goodness all these holiday’s don’t get printed on calendars, can you imagine!

  2. ha.ha.ha you are funny girl ! hey im 24 and i feel i should be allowed to celebrate national elderly day. being a parent just makes you feel old sometimes !!! my grand dad said he always felt like he was 19, and he was 91 when he passed away. i’d love to feel so young when i’m that age 🙂
    I am currently hosting a blog hop over at my blog

    • Age is definitely a state of mind. I knew a 99 year old that walked every day twice a day, and was sharp as a tack. He passed away recently, but I was shocked to find out he was 99! That’s how I want to go 🙂 Thanks for visiting and I’ll check out your blog hop.

  3. This going to be a very long politically correct month. I don’t know if you can be good for that long. I’m thinking of betting against you. Are there any blogging bookies out there willing to let me place a bet?

    • I know right? Thank goodness for the prompt yesterday because I started and threw away like 3 blogs. I would bet against me! lol @ blogging bookies. I’m not sure I even know what G and PG looks like. Let’s face it, PG today is different from PG when I was growing up!

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