Kick the Bucket List

I’ve not been feeling particularly inspired to write this weekend, until I received the September 30th “Blog Dare” writing prompt tweet from Bloggy Moms.  I wouldn’t really say I was inspired, it was more of a twinge really, but I’m going to run with it.  The prompt instructed me to add an item to my bucket list.  Since, I don’t really have a bucket list per se, I decided to make one!  I remember standing at the Cliffs of Moher in Ireland (the pic shown above) and wanting to pinch myself because OMG, I was in Ireland!  I remember standing there looking out over the water, struck by the sheer beauty of my surroundings, thinking that anything should be possible.  I was in freaking Ireland!  IRELAND!  Certainly, a bucket list item.  Of course, it was freezing, and raining on and off, and it was a long, steep walk and I could barely breathe, and I didn’t have gloves or a good raincoat, and I never thought I would ever be warm again, and I seriously considered throwing myself off the cliffs versus having to walk all the way back down, but I was in Ireland people!

Thinking back on this day, I thought about other items I would place on my bucket list.  You know, the things I would like to do before I, well….kick the bucket.  I’ll start with 5 items, and build from there!


  1. Trace one of Adam Levine’s tattoo’s…with my tongue.  Too much?  I’d let him pick the tattoo.  Still, no?  Okay fine.  How about a hug?  A full body contact hug, not one of those arm around the shoulder friend hugs.  And it has to last at least 30 seconds.  Wait, why am I negotiating?  This is MY bucket list.  Adam Levine is getting naked.  Or at least topless.  What do those Supermodels have that I don’t?  I probably have that backwards.  What do I have that those Supermodels don’t have?  4 kids.  A husband.  Excess poundage.  I don’t think the items on your bucket list are supposed to depress you are they?  Back to Adam Levine…naked (if you are concerned about my husband, ask him who he has placed on his “get out of jail free” card/bucket list).  

2. Bring on the boobs.  New ones.  This bucket list item assumes I’m down to my goal weight.  These boobs have had children.  These boobs have gone through many weight transitions, many times.  These boobs need a makeover.  Heck, these boobs need an intervention.  These boobs are the Courtney Love of body parts.  A strung out, droopy  out of control hot mess.  So yeah, I’m putting boobs on my bucket list.

3. Run a Marathon.  Eat my way through Italy.  My husband and I both want this trip to Italy.  Hopefully, I’ll be thin and sporting new boobs before this trip happens, so I can get fat again.  Seriously, if I don’t leave Italy 20 lbs heavier, then I didn’t do it right.  Of course, then I’ll have to lose the  20 lbs and my new boobs might suffer a bit, so a new lift might be necessary.  I’m not sure I’ll make it through the first surgery.  The thought of those drainage tubes almost does me in.  Have I mentioned I have a low pain tolerance (as in non-existent?).  So, maybe gaining 20 lbs and ruining my new boobs should be reconsidered.  The problem is that the first place I gain and lose weight is my boobs.  God forbid, it be my stomach.  Oh, now I’m really sorry I brought up my stomach.  Let the downward shame spiral begin….I need a brownie.  Or a cookie.  Or a Hershey chocolate bar with almonds.  Yummmmm.  FOCUS.  ITALY.  Bucket List.  Okay, I’m back.  So, yeah, the hubs and I want to go to Italy someday.

4.  Be a triathlete.  Write a book.  I feel like I have a book in me.  Someday, very soon, I hope I get the nerve to go for it.  There are so many fantastic people who were considered “late bloomers” in their successes.  Julia Child decided to learn how to cook after 40, and didn’t publish “Mastering the Art of French Cooking” until she was almost 50!  Laura Ingalls Wilder was in her 40’s before she decided to become a writer.  I loved her books as a child.  Joseph Conrad, Richard Adams, Kenneth Grahame, Marquis de Sade and Mary Wesley didn’t begin their writing careers until ages 35 or older, some even in their 50’s!  I’ve always wanted to be a writer.  I remember my great-grandmother telling me as a young girl that she thought I’d be a great writer someday.  She also gave me my love for bacon, which I can proudly say I’ve mastered.  Of course, I’m afraid of failing.  Who isn’t?  I’m debilitated by the thought of rejection.  I don’t know that I have the discipline to accomplish this goal, but I know that I don’t want to look back on my life and know that I didn’t even try.

5.  Become an Ironman.   Run a marathon.  Stop laughing.  I’m serious.  Really?  Yes, really!  My original goal was to complete a marathon before I turned 40.  I think we all know how that turned out.  I’ve decided not to put a specific date on this item, just before death…obviously.  I hate running.  I hate exercise.  So, why would I put running a marathon on my list.  Considering licking Adam Levine is number 1, I think it’s safe to say I’m delusional at best.  On the other hand, if Adam Levine was waiting at the finish line…

So there it is.  The beginning of my Bucket List.  Yay me.  I’m exhausted.  Number 6 is gonna be a nap.  No, seriously, I went to the gym today.

What (or who) would be on your bucket list?

Tomorrow I begin this blog challenge where I blog every day for 31 days.  Talk about exhausted!  Ya’ll will be sick of me by November 1st, if I don’t bore you to death.

Nap time….

Sweet dreams….


22 thoughts on “Kick the Bucket List

  1. Can’t imagine blogging daily for 30 days, you are brave. If you can do that you can write your book. No matter what you try, whether you succeed or not, you will always have your success of having mastered the love of bacon to fall back on, and no one can ever take that away from you. Oh, and just a little friendly advice, take your saggy boobs to Italy, joyfully gain your weight, take tons of pictures (from the shoulders up) come home and THEN do the boob job.

    • I’m not a daily poster. I feel accomplished if I do 2-3 per week, so this will be difficult for me. My mastery of bacon might be challenged next year, with the bacon shortage. I’m concerned. Very. So, I better have the book…to fall back on. Just in case. And I love your suggestion and it sounds way better than my idea!

  2. Is the blog challenge on your bucket list? Should be, because by November 1st you can say you knocked one off your list. Two birds, kind of thing. I don’t think you need a boob job for a blog challenge either. The trip to Italy would surely inspiring some blogs, but you won’t be able to do that by tomorrow. Maybe for the next blog challenge. Best of luck. I will try to be on the sidelines reading, commenting and cheering you on! And don’t think this gesture is purely magnanimous. I think your blog is very funny.

    • No, it is not, and you are correct, it should be! I’m adding it now! Unless, I fail, I will feel totally accomplished! Maybe I’ve had too much coffee, because I just realized my excessive use of exclamation points this morning. Thank you for reading! I’ll need all the help I can get.

  3. You can blog daily! I won’t get sick of you. I would totally eat my way through Italy with you…if you need a companion. Think of me!

    • I might need a companion to Italy. I think hubs is about to toss me overboard with all this Adam Levine talk lol. I’ve never blogged daily. 3 times a week seemed like too much, so we shall see! Thanks!

  4. wow! Go you with the daily challenge!! I’ll read for sure, even though I’ll probably always be a few days behind!!

  5. Pleasepleasepleaseplease tell me you’re doing ROW 80 too! Okay, now that I’m through peeing my pants over that excitement, it’s amazing the things old crocks can do. I myself, being an old crockian red-head with blue eyes, have decided to style myself after Winston Churchill.

    He, if i remember correctly, led a country during a time of war, after having escaped from some Boars or Boring people, led an Armada in Spain or the Mediterranean or near there during WWI or Gallipoli and made himself a general Pain in the Ass in Government across the Pond and was sacked with great regularity until Britain would get into some foiderol or fumfaw or another and the current Regent would have to dig out poor old Winnie and bring him back from the woodshed..

    During the Second World War, at the tender age of 65, Winnie palled around with Frankie and Uncle Joe at swell places like Yalta. He didn’t write all of this gibberish down until he was sacked from the PM’s office for the last time. I have the red hair and the blue eyes, minus the rest, so I’m qualified, also, I’m not 90 billion years old… yet. Great post. Bucket list. If I can write a paragraph. that’s my bucket list. See ya at Row 80!

    • I don’t know what Row 80 is, do tell? Although, if it’s 80 days in a row…yeah, don’t know about that. I’m quaking at doing 31! And I LOVE Winston! Seriously, I use his quotes at the bottom of my work e-mails. Great example, and thanks for being so excited, you make me excited. Still nervous though. But excited!

      • 80 Days in a row is really kind of slap dash It runs for 80 days and you’re supposed to post 750 words every day. Here’s the link. Here’s my typical confuse-a-what luck. I kept on writing after it ended. and hanging out at #ROW80 and probably irritating Kait Nolan. I jumped in like 2 weeks after it started for 3rd quarter and she didn’t seem to mind. Well, lemme get back on track. Now, poor Kait probably minds. After 3rd Qtr ended 3 weeks ago, I just “pretended” to do my own “Pre-season” ROW 80 4th Qtr and Wayne Borean kept publishing it in his Row 80 paper. It’s really free-wheeling. You can jump in after it started. After all my eager-beaver hoo-ha, I missed the first check in. Gah! That’s okay, Check-ins are Sundays and Wednesdays. Here’s the linky-dink, if you want to look: Andi-Roo is busy as all hellaz too, and she says I quote: “if I can poop out 3 750 words a week, I’m good.” Give it a peek. kthxbai!

    • My earliest memories of bacon are from Grandma, but my dad was a busy bee working and providing. Dad definitely carried the torch and passed it along to man-child though! His earliest memories will probably be of Grandpa and bacon 🙂 Now sausage rolls…that’s a different story!

  6. whoa! 16 comments! you’re so loved! hehe that is awesome thanks for sharing your bucket list! I might take that dare too…but only I don’t know if I could write >.<

    I wish you the best of luck hun on completing your bucket list! looks like an amazing list of things and accomplishments to do! xoxoox

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