Blogger Idol 2012 Contest

I would rather call this contest Fear Factor 2012 because hitting the submit button was terrifying for me.  There is something to be said for obscurity.  I’m not good with rejection.  I’m concerned when I get the “thank you but no thank you letter” that I’ll curl up in the fetal position, refusing to move and drown in my own tears.  I’m joking.  I’d get up to eat.  God forbid, I be too upset to eat.  I have no expectations, and perhaps that’s a good thing.  For your reading pleasure, I have posted below my official “audition”.  It had to be under 500 words, and I think we’ve already established that a word scrooge, I am not.  I did my best.  I tried just to be me.  We shall see.

Here is the link for Blogger Idol 2012 Contest blog if you want to learn more or even audition for yourself!

Writers are the New Rockstars

If you are at all like me, then you are motivated by stuff.  I can never have too much stuff.  Here is a list of the prizes I (or you) could win:

  1. Samsung Galaxy Tab
  2. Blog2Print
  3. Ghirardelli Chocolate
  4. Dragon NaturallySpeaking Premium Edition
  5. Newman’s Own Organics
  6. DaVinci Gourmet
  7. Sogno Coffee Company
  8. Freetail Therapy
  9. Healthy To Go
  10. Snack Taxi
  11. Small Concept
  12. Tyler’s Coffee
  13. GIANTMicrobes
  14. Boogie Wipes

There are some amazing judges!  Don’t be shy, feel free to subscribe to their blogs and tell them how awesome you think I am.  Assuming you think I’m awesome.  If you don’t, well you don’t have to lie for me, but…I wouldn’t mind if you did.  I might be grateful and share my chocolate (if I win it, which I probably won’t, but I’d buy chocolate and share it anyway).

The Spaghetti Westerner

Daddy Knows Less

Non-Stop Mom

Mommy in Law

Freetail Therapy

The Daddy Yo Dude

SooperDad Blog of Awesomeness

Bay Area Mommy

iNeed a Playdate

Tessa Taboo

Wildflowers & Whimsy

The Lucky Mom

…from the bungalow

Pinwheels and Poppies

Honey Badger Press

Daddy’s in Charge?

Official audition post:


Jeremy Lin – starting point guard for the New York Knicks

James J. Braddock aka “Cinderella Man” – Boxing Heavyweight Champion

Fernando Valenzuela – signed by the LA Dodgers and winner of the Cy Young and Rookie of the Year award in the same year

Rulon Gardner – Olympic Gold Medalist

Men’s Fitness rated these gentlemen the “Greatest Underdogs in Sports History”.  What does that have to do with me and Blogger Idol 2012?  I would consider myself the consummate underdog.  I might even compare myself to William Hung of American Idol fame.  Remember him?  He went YouTube viral after performing Ricky Martin’s “She Bangs”.  He was lovable, fun and fearless.  Yeah, he couldn’t sing or dance, but he made people laugh.  He enjoyed himself, didn’t care what anyone thought, and he made people feel good.  While I hope I am a better writer than William Hung was a singer, my main objective isn’t to impress or dazzle.    I just want to write.  I would like to think I have the ability to tell a story that appeals to people, makes them laugh.  I am a little bit dorky, a little bit awkward.  I don’t come with bells and whistles, I just bring me.

To be honest, the first thing that convinced me to audition was the idea of winning the “snack taxi”.  I will be truthful and admit that I thought it would be a car full of snacks, and nothing gets me more excited than snacks.  I realize that is not what it is…now, but hey I’m cool with saving the environment as well.

I also thought “freetail therapy” was free therapy and if you’ve read my blogs, you would probably concur that if anyone could benefit from therapy it would be me.  I realize now that it’s actually a cool site about coupons and perhaps if I learned to save money at the store, I could afford therapy!

I would do ANYTHING for chocolate and coffee, except get naked.  Or run.  Or exercise of any type.  I wouldn’t kill anyone for chocolate either…probably.  Maybe.

It would be incredible to win the Samsung Tablet.  It would be great to have one present under the tree for my kids at Christmas.  Totally kidding, we always buy them one sock each.  To make up for the one the dryer eats.  So, there’s that.  I’d share a picture of my adorable delinquents, but the rules say no pictures.

<——rule follower

The rules didn’t say I couldn’t shamelessly plug for the pity vote.  I’m not fearless like William Hung, and the thought of criticism or intense scrutiny gives me diarrhea (sorry for the visual, still pity plugging).  I want to improve and stretch myself as a writer.  I think I’d make a great underdog story for Blogger Idol 2012.

I pray I’m under 500 words.

Thank you for your consideration.

10 thoughts on “Blogger Idol 2012 Contest

  1. That was great! Loved reading your audition! Hope you win! I love chocolate and no running too hHAHA love that…I might just enter and too for fun and share some chocolate with you lol

  2. I agree with everything but the naked… For really really really good chocolate I’d put my bits on parade – after dark – while drunk. Good luck and I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you!

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