Hell in a Handbasket…She Says

We had a very low-key day today.  Half of us went to the beach and the other half stayed poolside.  The kids managed not to embarrass us today and we didn’t embarrass our kids.  It was a good day to relax and recover from our sunburns.  It doesn’t seem to matter how much sunscreen you lather on here.  After dinner, hubby and I went for a walk along the beach and let the kids clean up after dinner.  I took some more pics of our little neighborhood here and our beach.  There was a wedding on the beach tonight and that was really cool to see.  Her dress was beautiful, and the weather was perfect.  I hope one of my girls has a beach wedding!

As we finished our peaceful walk, we walked up to the showers to rinse off our feet, and the phrase “the world is going to hell in a handbasket” came to mind several times.  It’s something I always hear seniors say, and I usually laugh and make some snarky comment about how I will never sound old or say things like “back in my day” or “kids these days”.  I try to stay hip on the music scene (although the girls tell me the word hip is antiquated and makes me sound old).  I’d like to think despite all comments to the contrary, I am a young almost 40.  The reason I state it like this is that I often hear from the seniors in the retirement home where I work that I must have robbed the cradle to marry my husband.  I know, rude right?  I mean it wasn’t like it was one offhand comment, I get it from everyone who comes to listen to his little sermonettes at the Protestant service on Tuesday nights when he’s been asked to speak.  For the record, the man is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay older than me, and he has crows feet.  I comfort myself by saying they only think he looks so much younger because he’s short, but it doesn’t really make me feel better.  And then there was the horrible day at the liquor store.  I was quite pleased that when I bought my booze here on vacation in the liquor store next to the Publix grocery store that he carded me and didn’t ask if my husband was my son.  Oh yes, I kid you not.  For those of you that haven’t heard this story, let me elaborate and for those of you that have feel free to skip ahead.  I stopped to by some Skinny Girl Margarita’s to take to my mom’s house, and I wasn’t feeling well.  I had no makeup on and my head was all stuffy.  We go into the store, I pick out what I need and the girl behind the cash register asks me if the guy standing behind me is with me.  I say yes (it was hubby).  She then asks “is he your son?”  My son?  MY SON!?!??!?!?!??!?!?  Are you f*&#%*@g kidding me?  My son?  I am staring at her incredulous.  I am pretty sure I yelled back at her “NO!  He’s my HUSBAND!”  At this point, husband comes up and asks if everything is okay.  I’m like…ummm NO.  This person just asked if you were my son.  She at this point asks to see his ID acting as if she’s done nothing wrong or completely insulting.  Then to add more salt in my wound, husband says “it’s ok, no big deal”, in what looked like an effort to comfort HER?  Oh no, he didn’t!  I look at him and say “oh sure it’s ok with you, you weren’t accused of being my FATHER!”  At this point my mom calls me, so in front of the cash register and anyone standing nearby, I reiterate the story, my voice dripping with disdain as I stare daggers at this cash register chick.  It was an extremely demoralizing moment, and that liquor cow didn’t even apologize!  She didn’t even act abashed or anything.  That’s what made it worse, that upon really looking at my husband she apparently still thought it a legitimate question.  My ego is likely never to recover.  I now know how Barbara Bush must have felt being the butt of all those Saturday Night Live skits.

Anyway, I don’t know what made me digress into that story, but I guess I could say, that I get how some people might act in a certain way in public depending on the situation and how someone watching me that day might have thought I was being a bitch and making a big deal over essentially nothing, and going out of my way to make the cash register girl feel about 2 inches tall.  They don’t know what I hear at work, or that I was feeling rotten that day, so I might have left that store leaving a negative impression on everyone in it.  Not that I’ll ever go back and give them my business!  So that sort of segways into my next story.  Not really, but I’m going to make it work.

Hubby and I are standing in line to wash our feet off, and this gaggle of kids comes running in and bowls over both of us to get to the little showers.  Ummm ok.  What I assume is the dad’s come walking up and I am thinking to myself “ok kiddies, now you’re going to get it!”  But no.  The dad’s of these boys also cut in line.  I stand there incredulous, my mouth literally hanging open.  So I immedietly launch into passive aggressive mode, making loud comments about how rude some people are and hey don’t worry about us standing over here patiently waiting our turn in THE LINE.  Finally, we get our turn.  I’m still mumbling under my breath.  Hubby washes his feet and then holds the button so I can wash mine.  As I am washing my feet, one of the boys comes running over, knocks into me, shoves my foot out of the way and proceeds to stick his foot under the water.  At first the dad’s just stand there.  I can’t even make eye contact because I’m afraid I will go off!  Finally, he grabs his son and does he apologize?  No!  He tells his son, okay that’s enough, your feet are clean.  Seriously?

I don’t claim to be the perfect parent, and raising kids is hard, so hard.  But who does that?  I’m still shaking my head.  Even if my kids did act like that (which I don’t think they would), I would have been mortified and apologizing for them as I dragged them to the back of the line.  Hubby and I spent the whole walk home talking about what’s wrong with the world these days, which made me sound exactly like my seniors at work.  I’ve never really felt almost 40 except last night and that day in the liquor store.  I just wonder what entitled boy and girls with no sense of other people or the world around them grow up to be like.  Then again, maybe I’m just old-fashioned, and people my age probably said the same thing about me when I was a little girl.  Maybe.

Okay, enough of that.  Here are some pics of our little community by the beach.  Today we are all headed to the beach for some fun in the sun and then on to Harbor Walk Village for some window shopping and dinner.

One thought on “Hell in a Handbasket…She Says

  1. O.K. I didn’t laugh today, I did chuckle and shake my head. I did like the fact that you put it out there that entitlement seems to be the call of the day. And how rude it is and can make anyone with any up bring wonder what is the world coming to.
    Thank you for filling the request for pic’s of the area. What a neat place.
    By the way you nor Pam ever EVER acted that way. Not to pat us on the back or anything when you two were growing up we as parents would of be band from others if you had, it was a matter of you just didn’t act that way ever .
    Your blogs are still my highlight of the day. Thank you

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