Pucked Again! – Day 3 – He Proclaimth

Last night was actually my turn to take the bottom-bunk in
the man-child’s room.  It was quite
nostalgic.  More amazing is the little
guy’s ability to remain awake despite our most gallant efforts to wear him
out!  I will openly admit that there are
two circumstances in life that bring out the absolute worst in Ser Jerry the
Magnificent.  (1) The car pool lane at
any public school — pick-up and drop off. (2) Being awakened from a deep sleep
in the middle of the night.  I should
apologize publically for whatever might have occurred. (Happy honey?!)  I faintly recall the man-child out of bed,
going to the bathroom, deciding that he needed some medicine, my wife yelling
at me from upstairs then appearing down stairs, me yelling back at her… then…
a total blur.   Next thing I know… it
is 6am in the morning and the Man-Child is awake and playing.  All’s well that ends well.

Now, regarding the balance of our kids (the little women, or
mini-coven) and our supposed desire to consistently include them in the blog… I
will only comment with a question:  Is it
not the GOD given right of a parent to embarrass their teenage children?  I mean we spend all their infant/toddler
years doting over and caring for them, we watch them blossom into beautiful,
eloquent & amazing young adults… I was under the impression that the parent’s
ability to embarrass them was a gift from God to relieve the stress of trying
to figure out how to get them past the teenage years without going crazy!  Besides, like the wife stated, when they
provide substantial amounts of material, how can we resist?!

Moving on to the beach.
Once again, the water and the beach here are wonderful.  I have to say, that I LOVE the beach.   During
my afternoon run’s, passing by the houses, I more than once entertain the idea
of living here and how awesome that would be.
Still, I am sure like most things in life, the newness of the place
would wear off quickly and that would be a shame.  That is the great part about vacations… you
get to enjoy the best parts, keep them in your memory, and come back to them
fresh next year!   We had a great
time.  That Man-Child hardly gets out of
the water and watching the ladies play in the ocean is wonderful to behold.  The real highlights of yesterday’s excursion
come exclusively for me from our fellow tourist/visitors.  First there was the guy strolling up and down
the beach in his “man-kini”… you know the European/Speedo/diaper look…  REALLY?
NOT attractive dude.   Next, there
is the lady and her guy-friend who came to the beach accompanied by their
freaking DOG.   UGGHHH!   I mean it says NO DOGS/ANIMALS on the beach
in huge bold caps on the sign.  I guess
the rules don’t apply to some people.  I
often wonder what the thought process is for someone like that.   To my delight, the pregnant women who
yesterday sported a bikini had seen fit to where a one piece today… the bikini
gave a whole new meaning to the phrase, “let it all hang out”.   I swear, this place is better than the local
Wal-Mart in Po-Dunk, USA.

After the beach we took a trip to FudPuckers for food,
merriment and gators.  We avoided this
place last year, but I am glad we went.
The Gators were pretty cool, food was good, and we dumped sufficient funds
between dinner and the gift shop to get a gold sponsor plaque! (kidding).   If you’re ever in this neck of the woods, I
would recommend a visit.  I mean, you
have not felt pucked unless you do.

On to the beach…!

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