Burn Notice: Day 4 – He Sayeth

This morning I woke up realizing that it was not a dream… at some point my wife was replaced in our bed by my son.  Where is my wife?!?!   Honey?!  Are you here?!  What happened?  Why are you curled up in Ethan’s sleeping quarters?    Now before you get too harsh, please realize that when I,  OCD Boy and Captain of the  worry wart extraordinaire club (a trait which I am obliged to add serves me well in my current job) finally relaxes enough and  falls asleep, I enter into the twilight zone and do not do well waking from this state of mind.  I recall the man-child crying.   I remember something about him running a fever and my wife frantically realizing that we had no over-the-counter medication on board the RV.   (OMG!  I cannot imagine the kind of “what if’s” my wife is cataloging at that particular moment).  There were also the “gentle” kicks in the midsection and kidneys in the middle of the night that I was curious about.   Then, dawn, and my boy snuggling up close and saying, “Daddy— the sun is awake, that means you have to wake up tooooo.”   Some times that boy is too cute for words, and if he was feeling like crap last night, then thanks be to God, his little motor is running fine now and he is ready to go.  

First things first, pick up rental motor vehicle.  God shines on us again, and we find a little rental car place right next to the RV Resort.  I walk over and get a new mini-van and head back to get the family… right after I hit up my supplier (Local Circle K) for my morning dosage (Coffee or Manna from heaven, either one works).   We pack up and like any good RV folk would do…WE HEAD OUT TO THE WAL-MART.  <insert theme song –dueling banjo’s– here>.    After an expenditure that can only be described as a economic stimulus payment we load up the mini-van (or the mini rolling turd as I like to call it) and head to the beach. 

On the way, I mention that yesterday on my 3.2 mile run down the coastline bike path, I noticed some areas where there was public parking on the beach and also mentioned that it fills up fast so we want or rather NEED to hurry.  Now I mentioned this in Wal-Mart and suggested we hurry.  For some reason, the wife got a little unnerved when I mentioned this again on exiting Wal-Mart.   Seeing her irritation I could only think of the immortal words of Bill Clinton, “What? What did I do?”    Anyway, as it turns out, we find a place to park, a prime spot at the beach and quickly begin to enjoy our day of sun, fun and near drowning events.  Ahhhh.. Good times.    Honestly though, it was a tremendous time and the beach and weather was absolutely idyllic.   Thank you God. 

After the beach, we head back to our little slice of heaven on wheels and get cleaned up to head for the Harbor Boardwalk.  It is a quaint little walk way on the bay, waterside that contains shopping and all sorts of stuff to do.  We arrive – after getting a little lost – and the fun begins.  I only want to note a few key highlights for your reading pleasure:

  1. On the way, the wife tells me to stop checking out girls in dental floss outerwear and watch the road.  I, of course explain I was not doing this that I am watching the road and seriously, like she is not checking out guys all this time.  She replies, “…but I am doing that for the girls, it is different.”   OMG!  Did she really just say that!?   Oh, I cannot wait for Ethan to get older so I can play this card!  I never knew this exemption existed.
  2. The first thing we do upon arrival is “search” for parking… I will let the reader’s imagination run free at this juncture.  Let us just say that I moved the car after finding a space.
  3. Next we encounter the “bird-man” on the boardwalk.  He has several tropical birds of all sizes and makes money by perching said birds on willing patrons and for a tip will allow a picture to be taken.  So here I go… Ethan is in one arm, the other arm has three small birds on it.  I have a large bird on the other shoulder and what can only be described as two small pterodactyls on TOP of my head.   Yes I said on top.  The smile and ‘click’!  (of course it takes several unsuccessful clicks by my wife with one camera until she finally switches and takes a pic on the iPhone camera… while I worry about bird crap the whole time) 
  4. Finally a nice dinner, face paint and balloon swords.  Good times!

So we head back to the RV, Fat, Happy, Face Painted and all.  Along with silent prayers of thanksgiving that tropical birds don’t crap on patrons.    

More to follow…

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