Biloxi Blues: HE Sayeth – Day 2

We wake up refreshed and ready to hit the road… from the Marriott.  Hey, don’t hate, our stay here in Covington, LA, while not planned is a testament to our family’s flexibility and quick decision making.  Besides, they had comfortable beds, showers and free breakfast.  YES!     

As the wife and kids get breakfast I am assigned the MAN duty of getting the rolling turd loaded-up.   After a quick shower, cleaned and refreshed, I step outside into the wonderful southern Louisisana climate where the humidity is so high that mist is coming off the ground, there is a thin haze in the air and sweat starts pouring from my body.    By the time our RV is loaded, I look like I just found my spirit animal in the confines of a sweat lodge and we are ready to go!!   Sorry about the man-smell kids.   

First things first, I get gas, and Coffee (aka jerry-gas) and off we go.  After a short drive we arrive in Biloxi.  We look for the RV park, and it is not hard to spot… it is behind the gigantic sign displaying a big smiling alligator that reads, “Cajun RV Park”.    Man, we know how to live!   We get checked in, find our “site” ( please note the proper lingo is RV Site,  not RV PIN, or RV STALL – apparently these have some derogatory connotation?) , and now onto the fun stuff – hooking up the services.  Water – check.  Power – check,  big blue tube you stick in the ground to purge all stinky bile and evil from the RV – check & and disgusting.  

Next we head to the beach.   I must say, it is a beach.  There is water, waves & sand.   Please note we also found several dead fish, a dead blowfish, and a dead decomposing sea turtle.  Fun, family time and a biology lesson!  What more could one ask for.     The good news, no oil in the water!   So we get some sun, enjoy the beach, and head back to our home away from home. 

Family time ensues and I must say, it is refreshing to watch the girls bond with their little brother and it reminds me of how wonderful they all really are.   Now for the best part of my day, the wife is looking for places to eat within walking distance, and as luck would have it there is a Hooters right next door.   You say coincidence, I say providence.   “Yes honey, I think Hooters would be a great idea.”    Now before you get too judgmental, I must submit that Hooters HAS to be a family oriented restaurant, I mean if it was not why would they have kid’s menus?  

We eat, we head back my kids lose the keys to the RV.   It was at this point I began to believe what Bill Cosby said about not being “real” parents unless you have multiple kids.   The blame game continues for about five min’s, my wife sees the vein in my forehead popping out an in her unending wisdom suggest that I step outside the RV for a moment.  I am sure she is worried that the heat coming from my forehead might set off the on board propane tanks.  I won’t linger on this point.  It was mentally scarring.  So I will only say, the keys were found and all is well and my kids will live to see their college years.  

Next stop:  Destin, FL.

PS:  On the toilet smell my wife speaks of… now my text the day of pick up makes sense.   “we need matchs, AIR FRESHNER and cleaning supplies”    Man, am I smart or what?

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