Biloxi Blues: She Said – Day 2

Thank you Marriot Courtyard in Covington, LA for the wonderful shower, frigidly cold room and decent nights sleep!  I turned the thermostat down to a crisp 61, Libby claimed she could see her breath…whatever.  We are up and at ’em bright and early, Day 2.  Although it looks as if we’ve been vacationing for weeks, all of us girls went to bed with wet head, and all I can say is SCARY.  But, nothing a ponytail can’t fix.  We head down to get our free breakfast.  Little man is in rare form this morning.  He managed to embarrass his mom and sisters twice in the space of 5 minutes.  First, an attractive woman of indeterminate age walks past our table and smiles at him as if to say, what a cute boy.  Little man sees her, and comments “hey, where is my grandma?”  Her smile vanished pretty quickly.  Second, there was a group of police officers at the table next to us, to which Ethan yells out “Mommy, that man has a GUN!” and then proceeds to pretend shoot everyone in the restaurant.  Okay, I think our time here is done.

Luckily, it is a short drive that awaits us this morning, a little over an hour to Biloxi, MS.  We find the RV park, now at this point it would be awesome if we had pictures, but I forgot the cable for my camera, so you’ll have to use your imagination, unless you’ve stayed at an RV park and then you know.  The Cajun RV Park of Biloxi, MS greets us with a smiling alligator sign, we pull in.  Can you live in an RV park?  Some of these people look like they’ve been here for years.  Don’t get me wrong, some of these RV’s are amazing, like nicer than our home, but then there are others…  Of course, I can’t really be judgemental, we are in the RV with the amazing signage for Cruise America all over it.  It’s very obvious when we pull in that we aren’t “RV folk” and I wouldn’t say we received a friendly welcoming, but I could just be paranoid.  We check in, park the RV, and hubby does a fantasic job of hooking up our sewer and water and electricity. 

On a sidenote, Ethan used our toilet on board once, and it emited the most godawful odor any of us have ever experienced.  Thank goodness we brought air freshener!  That was the first and only time we’ve used the can in the RV.  I don’t like to use the bathroom in public places anyway, or showers.  I have an iron bladder, and luckily I haven’t been able to eat much because we’ve spent so much time driving, and I haven’t really had an appetite.  Hey, maybe that’s the key to my diet, spend a year in an RV!!!!  What about it kids?  Oh.  Ok, I guess not then.

Finally, after the 1009th time that Ethan asks if we are going to the beach, we all get our swimsuits on and trek to the white sand beaches of Biloxi.  The water felt so good, and it was so nice just to finally relax for once and we both enjoyed watching the kids frolic and play and goof around.  We were finally having good fun, yay!!!!  Of course, the major drawback of frivolity on the beach is the sand.  Or to quote my oldest daughter “I think I have sand in my uterus”.  There seemed to be alot of dead things washed up on shore, I don’t know if that is normal, or due to the oil, which by the way we can’t see.  The saddest was the tiny little blowfish and the giant turtle.  We then see what looks to be giant storm clouds rolling in, so we pack it up and head back to our little home away from home.  We head to the showers, and I had sand and other things in places I can’t even name.  I showered for what seemed like an hour, and still couldn’t get the sand off.  I’m hoping it has magical exfoliating properties and I come back looking younger, tanner and slimmer!  It rains most of the rest of the afternoon, which is nice.  We hang out, play games.  The RV park offers free wi-fi, so everyone is relaxed and happy. 

Finally, it’s time for dinner.  The only restaurant really within walking distance is Hooters.  Nothing quite says white trash like walking out of your RV park, past the Waffle House, to the Hooters.  I do have video for you to enjoy, the poster behind my son is awesome isn’t it?  Our waitress is a little piece of sunshine.  I guess she figures a family of 6 isn’t going to tip well, she doesn’t know my husband is a boob man obviously.  I let the girls take hits off my Hurricane, I mean I might as well embrace my white-trashness to the fullest!  It won’t let me insert the video on this blog for some reason, or I can’t figure it out, and I am getting a little sick to my stomach trying to make sure hubby drives properly and focus on writing.  I will post the video on Facebook for your viewing pleasure.

It starts sprinkling on us once we leave Hooters, so our dream of taking the girls to their first Casino has died.  The girls grab the RV keys and run ahead of us, which is only an important detail, because when hubby looks for the keys later, they are nowhere to be found and the girls play the “But I gave them to so and so…”  I could tell that hubby was about to have a meltdown of epic proportions, so I suggest he exit the RV while we look.  After a few panicked moments where I convinced myself I would forever be trapped living in this RV park, with a clothesline and a dangly wooden sign that says “welcome to our home”, and a pen of chickens (we didn’t actually see a chicken pen, but it wasn’t hard to imagine one existing), we found the keys, in a drawer of all things.  It’s amazing how many times we have lost things, the RV is not that big.  So disaster averted!  Another hour or so commences of playing Shoots and Ladders and Candyland before we decide it’s time for bed.  Isn’t living vicariously through us on vacation exhilirating and exciting!!!

Next stop: Destin, FL 

P.S. I don’t like to see Mausoleum shops on the side of the Interstate, I think it’s insensitive…just sayin’

P.S.S. I also don’t particular care for the signs nailed to trees that say “REPENT OR PERISH”, but as hubby pointed out we are in the deep south.

P.S.S.S.  If hubby had seen that discovery show special on the architectural deficiencies of our nation’s bridges, he too would be nervous, and I think it’s the sheer will of my nervous, hyperventilating energy that keeps the thing together so we can cross.  So there!

3 thoughts on “Biloxi Blues: She Said – Day 2

  1. If you tell people who live in S. Lousisana/Mississippi that you went to the Biloxi Beach….they would not be able to stop laughing. It is just gross. Please accept our appologies for the gross-ness and move on to Florida, forgetting all that you saw.

  2. This is the highlight of my days. Please keep them coming. Your blogs puts a smile on my face that last all day and I can keep up with what you all are doing.

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