The dog? A ghost? The one-armed man?

I come home from work and immediately notice that our new dog is not in his crate, which is odd.  So, I begin calling him.  Silence.  I’m not very concerned, I figure he’s got to be in the house somewhere.  I begin checking each room, and finally find him shut in our son’s room upstairs.  I think to myself that my husband must have shut him in there without realizing it and forgot to crate him.  There were no accidents and nothing was chewed up or destroyed, so no biggie.  Or so you would think.

I call my husband, and mention first thing how the dog wasn’t crated, and he immediately gets a bit defensive (a point I’m sure he would disagree with but it’s my blog so get over it).  He claims he did crate the dog.  I’m thinking in my head where I found the dog, and thinking…not so much.  So, I say to him “well, maybe you just thought you did, but in reality got distracted and forgot, it happens.”  Well, it was immediately clear that this was not the right thing to say.  He huffed and he puffed and he nearly blew my head off (figuratively…relax people).

We go back and forth like this for a bit, and then he accuses me of calling him a crazy person and a liar, so I finally realize maybe this isn’t the way to go, and I change tactics!  My next thought is that maybe he didn’t shut the crate all the way, and the dog was able to get out.  Genius, I know!  Now I’m thinking, okay fight mostly diverted, no blood was shed, we can move on.  Right?


The next words out of his mouth no one will believe.  I don’t believe it and I was the recipient!

He says “I can’t believe you aren’t concerned!”  Concerned?  “Concerned about what exactly?” I ask.  “Concerned that someone was in our house!”.


Still more silence (I’m processing this information and I admit I did furtively look around the house).

Finally I say, “Soooooooooooo, you think it’s more likely that someone came in the house, took the dog out of the crate, carried him upstairs, put him in our son’s room and then shut the door and left?”

What he said next is a bit fuzzy.  I think I was laughing too hard, which I have to say didn’t go over well.

I will say in his defense, he did finally develop some humor over this situation and the next day, he made our daughter watch him put the dog in the crate and he took a picture!

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